Cursed in Rotting Blood


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orvst Horns up Mikey! Bought it out of courtesy but really actually digging ya choonz! hailz its making my blackened hateful heart joyful..
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released February 10, 2013



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We are the funeral gutters for mankind to be buried in.

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Track Name: Weapons of Bone
Terror firma a world lost again
Destroyed by violence in the end
For the ones lost in the fall
Blood shed for one and all

Failure is and failure was
Political lies and religious wars
Blackout of technology
Break out the weapons of bone

Decimate the ways of the flesh with scars and glory
Primitive notions and killing instincts reduced to barbaric cruelty

All we once were has expired to nothing
A stain upon the face of this earth
What once was shall be again
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
Track Name: Wraiths Descend
Angered wraiths descend
Storms of dissension and death
The howling of spectres damned
Nightmares come to life

Poison gas reeks the air
Inanimating all that breathes

Like spears of the fallen ones
Piercing the veil of mortality
Like thorns of a forgotten god
Bleeding his pitiful humanity

Shadows of a lost time
Waiting in silence
Come unspoken ones
Shrouded in fear and mastery

Cursed for all time
A hidden dimension
Heed their call
And open the gate

Angered wraiths descend
Storms of dissension and death
The howling of spectres damned
Nightmares come to life

Maledictions uttered like hexes
Smear the mark in blood upon your face
Reavers of Darkness, Masters of Wrath
Beheld in terror in the eyes of man
Track Name: Razed in Nuclear Fire
Absolute chaos and burning fear
Total armageddon is drawing near
Hell's grip upon the throat of man
Sprawling madness irradiates

Spewing venom from burning mouths
Bloodied entrails disembowel out
Caustic air eats away the skin
Boiling bile rotting away within

We are razed in Nuclear Fire
Born to be burned

Children drenched in acid rain
Nuclear winter it comes again
The half-life that never dies
Fallout Decimation

Remnants of the Atomic Age
Still and lifeless bodies remain
Final carnage frozen in time
End of civilisation's decline

The funeral pyre burns forever...
Track Name: Drunk on the Blood of Saints